Should Gun Safety Be Taught In Schools?

"As much as gun control is a heated and debated topic, both sides, pro and against, can seem to agree on one thing. This one thing is gun safety. Activists, school districts and state legislatures are pushing for gun education in the classroom and spurred by several recent gun issues this has become a more prominent issue. Now while its easy to decide that gun safety should be taught, it's significantly more difficult for both sides to agree on what should be taught. Currently the rate of firearm deaths among children younger than 13 is 25 times that of the other top 25 industrialized nations. While gun education is not mandatory or required, its a great way to save young lives. The NRA has come up with a program called ""Eddie Eagle"" that teaches kids gun safety. Kids K-6 will be greeted often times by a real bald eagle and taught to ""Stop. Don't Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult."" It's reached 13 million kids since 1988, yet opponents to the program regard it as similar to Joe Camel. Guns become treated like drinking or smoking and becomes glamorized which makes it seem like something you can only do when you're an adult. The goal of the program creates an opposite effect and suddenly kids want to play with guns more than ever. Other programs have come up with similar solutions, but it is increasingly difficult for school districts to decipher and decide which one is best. Check out the article from ABC here

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  • Alyssa Pasetta
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