Gun Safe Door Panel Organizers

"Chances are your safe is full to the brim. Using a door organizer in your safe will free up so much shelf space that you'll instantly want to go out and buy more stuff to put in that empty space! These panels hang off the inside of your gun safe's door and are a quick and easy fix to a very common problem. CALL 818-899-2222 & Make Sure it Will Fit!"

John Dean
Owner, Dean Safe

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There is a door organizer available for any kind of gun safe. While some panels are specific to certain manufacturers or models, many may be used on other types of safes as well. Other hangers are generic in that they can be used on any safe. The point is that there is definitely one that will work for you! But please make sure to measure the inside width of your safe door, as well as the height, to determine which storage panel will fit your gun safe's door.

Liberty makes a door organizer in six different sizes. Each size includes holsters and mesh and zippered pockets. All of the Liberty organizers (except the size 12) even have a thermal-lined zippered pocket (the "Cool Pocket") for added fire protection.


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