Specialty Safes

"You're one of a kind, and the same goes for your safe! Maybe you collect guns like Imelda Marcos collected shoes...or maybe your shoe collection is itself priceless! Well, we've got you covered with the finest vault doors available, ready to be built into your construction or panic room."

John Dean
Owner, Dean Safe

Maybe you loved the convenience of the hotel safe you used during your last vacation and wondered if they were available to the general public. They certainly are. We have them in stock, and customers love them. If you're a medical professional, you may need our narcotics safe, which is easily upgraded to full audit trail capability for multiple users to meet all your drug safety and compliance requirements.

Live in Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Orange County or Ventura County? Come view our extensive collection of Specialty Safes for sale at any of our three retail stores in Southern California located in Simi Valley of Ventura County, North Hollywood of the San Fernando Valley and Culver City in West Los Angeles.

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