Testimonial: Liberty Safe Survives a Fire

Testimonial: Liberty Safe Survives a Fire

Look around your home.  What do you see that would be difficult, if not impossible, to replace should your home burn down?  Think of the headache it would be to scramble around trying to find hints and clues to what needs to be done in order to start repairing your life after such a crisis.

"Where are my policies?"
"Who do I call and where are their numbers?"
"Where do I start?"

Now imagine the same circumstance, but this time all your important papers are in one location locked securely in a fire-resistant safe, protected from the fire that destroyed everything else.  On sure, it may not be a pretty sight and you're probably thinking that based on the appearance of the outside of the safe that nothing could have possibly survived on the inside.  But once that safe is opened after that horrific fire, and you find all the important papers needed to start the reconstruction of your life, it's the first sense of calm you will have experienced since the disaster.  Insurance papers, banking records, trusts, personal identification documents - all intact and protected from the fire.

"We were frankly astounded when the locksmith drilled open our Liberty Safe and we found that virtually everything in the safe had survived the fire." 

So says Mr. Kim Crosser of Rancho Sante Fe, California.  His home was totally destroyed in the San Diego wild fires in 2007, fires that reached 2000 degrees.  While Mr. Crosser knew that he would not be able to save his home, he had no idea that his Liberty Lincoln Series Safe would make it either.  But survive it did, as well as everything inside!

Dean Safe Co. can give you that sense of security and peace for you and your family.  Let us help you find just the right fire-protected safe for your needs.  Small, large, living-room pretty, or industrial strength plain, we can provide just the right safe for your family.  Portect your documents, your trusts, jewelry stocks, bonds, cameras, personal identifications, passports, pictures, firearms, cash...the list goes on.  Once Dean Safe Co. gets the right fire-protected safe in your home, the only decision you have to make is what to put in it!

Let Mr. Crosser's experience work for you.  And you know what?  Mr. Crosser got a brand new safe from Liberty delivered right to him - all for free!  Liberty's free lifetime warranty guarantees a new safe should you have a devastating fire - or even if damage is done due to an attempted illegal entry.  It may be the only possession left after a fire - and if it is, it will have everything in it that you will need.  Think what a tremendous sense of protection you and your family can have. 

Don't keep thinking that it will never happen to you.  As Mr. Crosser knows, it can happen to anyone.