Beware of Door-Knockers!

Beware of door-knockers!

The Simi Valley Police Department recently notified residents about reported crimes involving culprits knocking on residential doors. The first involves burglars who knock on a front door to determine if anyone is home; if no one answers, they break into the residence through a door or window. Police remind residents to be aware of suspicious behavior by individuals who do not appear to live in the neighborhood, as several recent arrests have been made in similar cases involving individuals who live outside the city.

The second type of crime involved extremely aggressive solicitors who use physical intimidation and high-pressure tactics to attempt to sell products or services in door-to-door sales. These salespersons will place their foot in an open doorway and attempt to prevent homeowners from closing the door in order to end a sales pitch. Such tactics are illegal, should not be tolerated and should be reported immediately. All solicitors in the City of Simi Valley are required to have a city-issued solicitor's permit; always ask to see a permit, and if they fail to possess one, they should be reported to police. Residents are encouraged to report suspicious activity in their neighborhood to the Police Department at (805) 527-2911.

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