Project Gun Safe is Putting a Lock on Safety in Your Home

Project Gun Safe is now in conjunction with Project ChildSafe who desires to promote safe firearms handling and storage practices. Project Gun Safe distributes key safety educational messages and even free gun locking devices. These projects were developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and is supported by a U.S. Department of Justice grant. The grant actually supports Project Safe Neighborhoods and Project Gun Safe is simply a component of it. Their overall goal is to reduce gun crime to create safer neighborhoods. NSSF is the administrator of the project and with over 2,500 members, it is the largest and most diverse trade association among the shooting sport's industry. While NSSF manages a variety of outreach programs regarding gun safes and gun safety they have a special emphasis on promoting firearm safety education to all gun owners. Project Gun Safe partners with all sorts of government leaders including governors, U.S. attorneys, community leaders, and law enforcement and receives substantial support from them all. This is truly a great program that simply wishes to promote gun safety through storage in gun safes to protect children from accessing guns in people's homes. You can read the full article here.

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  • Alyssa Pasetta