Gun Safety is Being Made a Priority in Alabama

"Gun Safety is a very important topic for a citizen in Montgomery, Alabama. The citizen's name is Nicole Price and she is a leader for Project Childsafe, which encourages teaching our children about gun safety. She operates a local gun store and she is also a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Mrs.Price has been a pioneer for bringing Project Childsafe to Montgomery. Since she is also a mother she sees the great importance of teaching our children about these things. She knew that this project was vital for her community after she said “I decided that their information and ease about communicating gun safety to people was something our community needed. The courses that they provide take place one Saturday of every month and they cost $10. The classes consist of a mix between an in class setting and the other taking place at a firing range.Project Childsafe will get people a hands on experience.   Besides the gun safety courses that this project offers they also give out gun  locks to people who own guns. Mrs. Price found out that many people did not know the proper ways to keep their firearms secure. She  said Once we showed them the ease of the cable lock and other devices, people were thankful for the free lock, an easy way to keep their gun safe from inappropriate users. The gun locks that are being provided by the project make it so that guns are inoperable when the lock is on it. Efforts to educate children about gun safety are always great to see and they should be practiced all over the world. We can hope that programs like this will help to keep our young children aware of the risks involved with guns and also understand the proper ways to use guns. If you wish to hear more about Mrs.Price and her Project Childsafe than you can check that out here."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta