Every Second Counts: Pistol Boxes Make the Difference

When a stranger attempts to break into your home, it creates a scary and dangerous situation. Initially feelings of violation ensue yet our defense mechanisms prepare us mentally for the worst. For those that keep firearms in the home, these are the exact moments you thought about when purchasing the weapon. We wish to protect our lives and the lives of our families at all costs. Now according to California state law, firearms must be locked up when children are present, meaning some form of protection must be on or holding the gun. This could range from a simple to lifejacket to an intricate gun safe. In the gun safe scenario, let's say the home invasion begins. You wake up, hear the breaking in, and immediately go to open your gun safe. You punch in the code, open the safe, find the gun, load it, and then create a position to defend yourself. In this time, it is more than possible that the invader would be able to make it to your room, and render the gun useless before you can even get it loaded and ready for use. Now imagine having a pistol box right next to your bed, punching in the code, and having a fully loaded gun in your hands in a matter of seconds. The second scenario seems safer, faster, and significantly more effective. This story actually happened to a man, and it inspired him to spread this lesson. While keeping the majority of your guns locked in a gun safe is a great idea, it may be smarter to keep one pistol stored in a quick opening pistol box near bed. GunVault and Fort Knox offer some spectacular gun safes, including biometric and standard pistol boxes. Protect your home and protect your family, gun safes save lives. Check out the full article here.

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  • Alyssa Pasetta