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    Learn More About Gun Safes and Child Access Prevention

    Gun safes are a requirement in any home - especially homes with kids. A safe makes sure only you, the owner, access the firearm and prevents tragic accidents which are unfortunately far too common in the US.

    Don’t make that mistake.Learn how to keep your kids safe, while also having the protection of a gun when needed to keep out intruders.

    You’ll learn all about safety tips with gun safes, how to keep kids and vulnerable family members protected, as well as gun safes for sale!

    So, read below to learn all you need to know about gun safe best practices!


    Why you need a gun safe to protect your kids

    Every day, 87 kids in the US are injured or killed by a gun, according to a 2015 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    And many of those casualties are caused by accidents regarding guns, such as kids messing around unsupervised with guns or depressive teens that unfortunately act out on suicidal ideation.

    While a gun is an important home security asset,only a gun safe can guarantee it protects your kids instead of harming them by accident.

    And you should follow best practices such as storing the ammo separately (and the gun unloaded), keeping passwords secret, and keys hard to find.

    In a nutshell: gun safes make sure only you, a gun owner, access your weapon and avoid tragic accidents with your kids!


    How to teach your kids gun safety

    You need to teach little kids to not play with guns, warn them of the dangers, and even alert them of the differences between guns in movies or video games to real-life guns.

    It might seem weird, but some tragic accidents happen with kids thinking real-life guns act like video games (such as the person respawning or healing quickly after a shot).

    That’s why your kids need to know that in real life, a gun kills if shot at them, friends, or loved ones.


    What you should teach your kids about gun safety:

    • Guns aren’t toys. They are tools and only to be used by adults
    • If you see a gun don’t touch it. Leave the area and call an adult
    • Don’t touch the gun safe. It’s dangerous for kids to try to open it
    • If a friend is using a gun unsupervised, tell them to stop, leave, and call an adult

    Gun safety and teenagers

    Unlike kids, teenagers know about the dangers of weapons. However, mood swings and especiallybouts of depression with suicidal thoughts can lead to a tragedy.

    You shouldn’t let your teenager find your gun safe. And if they know its location, keep passwords a secret and never reveal them.

    In case your safe is opened with a key, keep it with you at all times on a keychain. Biometric safes should always be wiped down after use — a crafty teen can use duct tape to “copy” your fingerprint and unlock the safe.


    What you should teach teens about gun safety:

    • That actions have consequences and guns shouldn’t be used lightly — always think a lot before you act
    • Don’t play around with guns for show with buddies. Guns, parties, and alcohol are a dangerous cocktail
    • Don’t try to open the safe for fun. Be responsible and respect your parent’s boundaries

    Gun safety and depression

    We already discussed teens and depression in the previous topic, but adults and even elders with suicidal thoughts can be at risk in a house with an accessible gun.

    Many suicide survivors mention the regret of the decision and how it was mostly by impulse, after contemplating the idea for a long time. A house with a loaded gun at the ready is a deadly impulse you don’t want your loved ones to fall victim to.

    Make sure you keep your gun in a concealed safe from people that suffer from depression. And if you have already noticed attempts to find your gun safe or even open it, get the gun out of the house until the depression gets better.

    You’re better safe than sorry in these scenarios.

    In a nutshell: if anybody from your family suffers from depression and has shown symptoms or suicidal speech in the past days, you need to be careful about having a gun in the house.


    Gun safes on sale for your family

    We offer gun safes fromover 10 manufacturers for your family’s safety. From classical gun safes to modern, biometric safes — you can find the best gun safe for your needs.

    Check out below some gun safe recommendations per manufacturer:

    American Security (AMSEC)

    Founded in the 1940s, American Security is one of the most-acclaimed gun safe manufacturers, with a rich history in the business and many models available. They sell gun safes to clients around the world.

    Check out these gun safes:

    View more gun safes by American Security!


    Stealth Gun Safes, Handgun Safes, Home Safes, Commercial Safes, Depository Safes, Floor Safes and Gun Safe Accessories are built to the highest quality standards with rigorous testing, burglary labels, fire ratings and the best quality features. Always striving to go above and beyond, Stealth always has the customer's needs in minds.

    View more gun safes by Stealth!


    Rhino Metals, Inc. is a U.S. owned manufacturing company that was founded in 1995, originally as a small town metal fabrication job shop. The founder, Don Suggs, was a fighter pilot that also enjoyed working with his hands and decided to use the discipline and commitment to excellence gained in the US Air Force to build a business. Rhino Metals is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of parts for industry-leading companies in a wide variety of industries.

    View more gun safes by Rhino!

    Fort Knox

    Fort Knox has classic,antique-style vaults (the ones with that 5 spoke handle) as home gun safes or even walk-in safes. If you’re looking for a charming gun safe, this is your option!

    View more gun safes by Fort Knox!


    Founded in 2008 by locksmiths, Hollon isone of the fastest-growing safe companies in America.

    View more gun safes by Hollon!


    The #1 seller in America of residential safes. Liberty has one of the biggest lines of gun safes available in the market:

    View more gun safes by Liberty!

    More gun safe manufacturers

    Want to see the full list of gun safe brands available?Check out our full gun safe collection here!

    And if you’re looking formore home protection solutions, we also offer:

    • Handgun Safes
    • Home & Office Safes
    • Floor safes
    • High Security Safes

    Check out all home protection solutions!

    At our store, you find products by themost acclaimed gun safe manufacturers at an affordable price and with free shipping. Our customer service team is readily available to help you out!

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    At Dean Safe, we believe safety is a #1 priority and our customer service will strive to make sure your family is safe. From the moment you visit our website and get in touch, your safety is our top concern.

    So, if you need to keep your children safe, you’re at the right place — we’ve got families ourselves and know the feeling.

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    The time is now to protect your family

    You’ve seen all the gun safe options and the reasons why you need one.Buying a gun safe is a necessity for any family home to be 100% safe and to avoid any fatal injuries.

    As a gun owner, only you should have access to your weapon and only a concealed, locked gun safe is going to prevent access, especially if you have vulnerable teens or elders in your home.

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