The Emergence of the Smart Gun Has Sparked Up Debate

"The Smart Gun has recently been the subject of conversation for both sides of the aisle and as of right now it seems to be facing opposition from both sides. One side of the aisle fears that this weapon will encourage more people to buy guns, while the other side fears that the Smart Gun technology will be mandatory for all guns. The technology behind the gun is that the weapon will not fire unless its user is wearing a watch that is connected with it. The gun is also battery operated, so that in itself, has started up debates. The Smart Gun has been a topic for heated debate recently. As a result of this, many shops that attempted to sell the Smart Gun have faced multiple threats from people who are against the gun. One such man was Andy Raymond, who owns a store in  Maryland. Right after announcing that he would sell it things went out of control and he said ""People just started calling. All three of our lines were just boom, boom, boom. A hundred emails. I mean, just like that."" The threats that he received ranged from threats of burning the store down all the way to death threats. Eventually, Raymond decided not to sell the guns after seeing all of the backlash that was directed at him. As of right now there are not many places that sell these guns but in time these guns will reach the open market. When speaking about the idea of the weapon going away Andy Raymond said ""The technology isn't going away. If people want to defeat it they need to defeat it in the free market. Then don't buy it."" The emergence of technology is always interesting to see because then we can see that there is growth in the markets. New technology should always be supported but we must make sure that it can be properly utilized. If you wish to hear more about the Smart Gun and whether or not you will see it in gun stores soon, then you can find that here.  "

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  • Alyssa Pasetta
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