ATF Looks to Impose a New Rule to Cut Down Gun Thefts

"The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is proposing a new rule that would place more regulatory reporting requirements on gun dealers. The rule will require firearm dealers, manufacturers and importers to report any guns that were lost in transit within two days. The goal of this newly proposed rule is to reduce the amount of gun thefts that occur during transit.  Gun thefts during transit have reportedly been increasing recently. There are already federal regulations enacted that require firearm dealers to report guns lost in their inventories within two days. While that helps decrease gun thefts in store, the ATF hopes this new rule will help to decrease gun thefts that occur during shipping. The ATF reported that within the last 15 years, gun thefts that occur during transit have increased about 20 percent. They also concluded that there were about 1,500 cases where guns went missing and were never reported. The new rule states that The omissions in the regulations regarding reporting the theft or loss of a firearm in transit adversely affect ATFs local law enforcements investigative and tracing capabilities. However, the bill is facing some opposition. One of the main challengers of the rule is Larry Keane, the senior vice president for the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Mr Keane said Manufactures work very closely with ATF when situations arise to help in the investigation  which usually ends up to be someone in the common carrier  but these cases are exceedingly rare. Keane believing that the industry is already doing well the way it is, arguing that only 1,500 of 12 million guns were stolen out of transit. It is important to continue to always try and lower the amount of gun thefts that occur. Whether or not the thefts occur during shipping, it is just important that firearms are not being obtained illegally. If you wish to hear more about how the ATF looks to curb gun thefts than you will be able to find that here."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta