New U.S. Sanctions Increases Demand for Russian Guns

"In response to the on-going crisis in Ukraine, the United States and the European Union have placed new sanctions on Russia. These sanctions are banning the import of Russian made guns into the United States illegal. However, one of the unexpected outcomes of these sanctions have been the increased demand for the AK-47 and Saiga guns. American companies that still have the AK-47 or Saiga guns in stock are still allowed to sell their inventory, however they are no longer allowed to import any of the Kalashnikov products. Many distributors of the Kalashnikov guns or any other Russian guns have already run out of stock of those items.  The AK-47 has recently become a very popular gun for many collectors. Impact Guns, a gun shop that has stores in Utah and Idaho have sold out of nearly all of their Russian made products online. Craig Ball, director of operations at Impact Guns, said in relation to this spark in demand ""the stores have seen increased interest from buyers looking for AK-47's over the last few days. Gun stores typically dont keep many AK's in the pipeline"" This lack of supply in these guns and drastic increase in their demand have virtually caused all of the weapons to go out of stock. This lack of supply for these weapons have also caused people to start searching elsewhere to find the guns that they want. The Chinese version of the AK-47 has seen an increase in demand and they are being shipped over to the United States at a much higher rate. The unexpected results of these sanctions have caused gun enthusiasts to go on the search for Russian made guns before the supply runs out. These enthusiasts should look to keep these valuable weapons protected in gun safes during these times when their supply is so low. If you wish to read more about the sanctions on Russia and their affect on America than you can find that here."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta