Crisis in Missouri Causes Jolt in Gun Sales

"Gun Sales have skyrocketed in Ferguson, MO as the current situation grows worse and worse everyday. The situation was all started when a young boy was shot by a policeman. The story is different on both sides so it is not yet clear about what truly transpired, but in response to that there have been many cases of protesting and looting taking place in the area. Gun Sales in Ferguson have increased in the wake of the police shooting. Based off all of these nights of violence many residents have started to go to gun shops in order to protect themselves and their families. Many gun shop owners in the area are reporting increased levels in their gun sales. Steven King, owner of Metro Shooting said "They're just afraid of whats going on and they're coming in to purchase either additional firearms or their first firearm."" However this increase in gun sales is only in his store close by Ferguson, he reports that sales at his other store have stayed at its normal level. Another store that has seen a drastic increase in gun sales is Mid-America Arms. Al Rothweiler, the owner of the store, reported that his store has seen its sales go up nearly 50%. He also said that more women than normal were purchasing firearms at his store. Many people who would not be seen as customers at these stores have been coming out in bunches to buy these guns. We can only hope that the situation that is currently going on will begin to diffuse itself. Hopefully these new gun owners also do the best they can to learn how to properly use the guns and that they keep them in safe places so that more accidents do not happen because of it. If you wish to read more about the increase in gun sales in Ferguson, MO or just want to hear more about the situation as a whole than you can find that here."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta
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