Women's Suffrage Group's Old Safe Reveals Relics

"If you knew of a safe that hadn't been opened in over 100 years, what would you expect to be inside? Money, important documents, secret plans, maybe even ancient artifacts. More often than not, it's rubber bands, paper clips, and pens that are found. This however was not the case for the very old safe used by Susan B. Anthony and other women's rights activists. On the organization's 125th anniversary, they decided it was time to open the safe painted with the words ""Woman Suffrage Party"". While there wasn't a large amount of money or intricate plans, there was a change purse filled with coins from France, Mexico and several other countries. The safe also held medals, a silver broach, a wooden stamp, a corporate seal, and a paper of incorporation dating back to 1931. There were a few other federal documents, and six small panels that were replicas of huge wall murals of women that were commissioned for the Chicago World's Fair in 1933. While there wasn't anything too crazy, it's always interesting to see what people use their safe for. What do you use your safe for?"

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  • Alyssa Pasetta