V-line Hide-Away model 3912-SH Handgun safes

Thanks for coming back to read our next installment of ""Exploring the products of V-Line, an American manufacturer of fine safes"". We are going to be taking a close-up look at the Hide-away pistol box. By putting the combination into the front of the this product, the front panel drops down which allows quick access to your handgun or other valuables. V-Lines Hide-Away Handgun Safes and Desk Mate model are designed to easily install under a bed, desk, or counter with the included Quick Release Mounting Bracket. The Hide-Away handgun safe's front opening door drops down to allow the felt lined inner drawer to slide out for easy access to contents. Measuring 11  x 7 x 2 the drawer is large enough to comfortably hold most sized handguns plus a badge, wallet, or second firearm. The Hide-Away is also ideal for securing small valuables, jewelry, or medicines out of sight and reach of children and household visitors. The Hide-Away is 12  x 9 x 3 , (Outside Dimensions) 11 x 7 x 2, (Inside Dimensions) and weighs 18 pounds. It is a California DOJ approved handgun safe for storing your handguns. Thanks for taking the time to read this installment, we'll be back soon with another close look at one of V-Line's tough, attractive American made safes."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta