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    Christmas gift

    This is being given as a Christmas gift. We did look at it and are impressed.

    Stealth FireArm Guard Giveaway
    Stephen Occhipinti

    Just received yesterday. Have no review yet


    SnapSafe Safe Light 6 LED Dim Red


    Love it so far, the design and storage is wonderful!

    SnapSafe Wall Safe
    Manuel Arismendez

    SnapSafe Wall Safe

    Money Wll Spent

    About 3 years ago my not yet 21 grandson asked if he could keep his handgun, a Glock M19, at home with him.
    The home scenario consists of his mom (her occasional boyfriend), his 5 year old sister, and an adult sister and her boyfriend.
    He does have a long gun safe I got him but it's not the quickest thing to get into in an emergency situation so I looked into various handgun safes and decided on the American Security PS1210HD.
    The two primary deciding factors were (A) It has a Simplex push button lock mechanism rather than a battery operated lock mechanism. Experience has taught me that if anything battery operated, flashlights, radios, locks, is going to fail it will happen at exactly the moment you need it to work the most.
    (B) Unlike the rest of the safes I checked out the AS lock mechanism has an interior steel box around it so while the mechanism can still be destroyed with a hammer and punch it can't be knocked out of place so the lock bar stays in place even if the mechanism is smashed.
    Dean Safe just happened to have a discounted returned safe in stock. A guy bought it with the intention of using to carry a handgun in but since this thing weighs close to 25lbs he decided it wasn't a practical option. Lucky me!
    It does have mounting holes in the back so it can be fastened to a floor or wall but he wanted to keep it on his night stand so I bought a 15'X15mm stainless steel double loop cable that he has looped around his steel bed frame and fastened to the safe's handle with a keyed padlock.
    The handle swivel pins are peened into place so it's pretty secure but I've been considering mounting a hardened steel ring bolt to it as a fastening point.
    At first it took the grandson about 30 seconds while looking at the buttons to enter his combination but now he can get into it in the dark in a few seconds.
    All in all I consider it money well spent.

    The quality of this safe was excellent except for the cheep, plastic, combo lock.
    For the price we paid, I would think you could do better than a plastic lock. The workmanship on this safe is impeccable and looks like a piece of art, ruined by a plastic lock on the door that screams CHEEP!!

    just what I needed

    Great safe for home or office use

    Great Service and Product

    The door organizer is well made, sturdy and the fire protected pocket is a added bonus. Dean Safes did good by me.

    Satisfied customer

    Very nice gun safe, it is just what I wanted, perfect size. I’m very pleased with it.

    Rhino Longhorn Nightstand Safe

    Have wanted one of these for quite a while. Super cool and quite functional night stand. heavy duty for sure and can be bolted to the floor. Dean Safe packed it very well and shipped it fast. Small enough that I was able to move it around solo. Thanks

    My opinion

    I like the secure gun box. I would like to see additional hardware to be able to secure it tothe nightstand it's sitting in. I would recommend the red light option as it works nicely in the dark without shining outside of the safe.

    Definitely recommend this!

    Really happy with how this lights up the dial! Some reviews said the magnet is too weak but I have no complaints. Stays in place with no issues.

    Excellent experience

    After much research I decided on the Stealth HS4. In my decision making process I talked to 2 different sales associates. They were both extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. They answered all of my questions and helped me make a better choice. The delivery/installation was just as professional. The 2 delivery men were very careful and the installation was flawless. They then helped me set the combination and stayed until I was extremely comfortable with the operation. Can not recommend this company enough!

    Velcro magazine holder

    Like them and I will be buying more.

    Great holsters for your safe door

    If you have the right system installed on your safe door you can use these holsters to store your guns with convenient access on the door. It’s a great system for those with several pistols.

    Great safe!

    Works, functions, is pretty quick to open with biometrics. I'd say having the same design but a little bigger would be great. But overall this is an amazing deal for what you get. Now I feel much more comfortable leaving things loaded next to bedside.

    Liberty Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer Size: Model 12

    Not Bright Enough For Me

    Great quality

    Heavy duty and you do not have to worry about batteries!

    AMSEC BF2116 is outstanding and easy delivery

    The AMSEC BF2116 safe is outstanding, and well worth the money. I was worried about internal area size, but it is more than adequate for a great many items. Delivery was well coordinated and arrived on a pallet and placed inside the garage. Removing the door was very easy by opening up and lifting up. Definitely a 2 person lift. Placed it on a 1000 lb dolly from Harbor Freight ($10) and rolled it into it final spot. Very satisfied with the quality and Dean Safe.

    Liberty safe

    Outstanding safe by liberty. Outstanding service by Dean safe. Couldn’t ask for anything more

    These Work Great!

    I've purchased these before and they work great! The price is downright attractive too!