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    CALL OUR SAFE EXPERTS AT 800-827-7534


    Based on 2183 reviews
    Excellent Safe

    Amazing safe! Exactly what we needed and very easy to operate.

    Hollon B3220CILK B Rated Cash Safe

    Extra shelf sent

    Customer service corrected the situation and sent the extra shelf. Thank you.


    Just had CF1814 delivered & installed. Great customer service. Quick delivery. High quality safe.

    Great safe

    The safe is very nice good quality
    Thank You

    Worth it!

    The safe was delivered right on time, it was well packaged and in pristine condition. Customer service was excellent.

    A well value investment

    2 year of use and still feel like new is nice and well make.

    Missing shelf

    I ordered an extra shelf with my safe, but never received it. I messaged the company, but have not heard anything back. I enjoy the safe, but am not satisfied with the customer service.

    awesome safe.

    arrived on time and was moved into place by the movers. very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend.


    Excellent appearance and construction

    Stealth UL50 safe

    Quality is nice and interior
    is spacious for variety of needs. Really like the Molle wall organizer due to its versatility.

    Stealth UL RSC Gun Safe UL50

    Personal use.

    This safe is heavy.good quality. Love the safe !!! I bought it for personal use at home. I recommend this safe you need 2 keys to open the safe.

    Home safe for Christmas

    5-Stars for overall quality & ease of delivery. I bought this as a gift for my husband for Christmas and he overall is happy with it.
    NOTEWORTHY, he was surprised the shelving clips are plastic for a safe at this price point. AND buyers not in the CA area, be sure to fully read the site for delivery/install details. I am out of state and did not read carefully enough to the details, so found a few surprises after the fact.
    Still… 10 out of 10 would still buy this safe from Dean safe again.

    Safe door panel.

    Very well made and good price. Worked great.

    Great, Almost Excellent

    I like this safe. For what it is, there are lots of aspects that are indicative of high-end items. The finish and fit are very good. The safe is heavy and robust. The door has a nice industrial-grade feel to it. The lock mechanism is top-notch. The powder coating-like exterior appears perfect, and the carpeted interior is plush and has a nice aesthetic. My only gripe is the locking lever jiggles and rattles a bit like it is either loose (which it is not) or cheaply made. Otherwise a very nice safe.

    Safe not received yet

    Safe was damaged and returned. Replacement was in transit then unexpectedly route was changed and it was sent back to Hollon. So no safe received yet to give review about.

    Capacity number too high

    Owning a winchester safe myself and comparing what I own vs. this one, there is no way you're fitting 18 rifles in there. Not even if you remove the shelving is it happening. You might fit 12 if you remove the shelving but if the rifles have scopes, lasers, lights or AR configuration won't even get that. That and you end up marring your rifle barrels, stocks etc by jamming them in there.

    Well made. Perfect size for my needs.

    Works well

    I had some of these previously, wanted to match what I currently had. Works well on carpeted door and holds securely. Good price fast shipping.

    WS1214E5 commnets

    The safe arrived with a bent corner, no installation instructions and when the door is opened it scrapes the paint on the bottom of the frame. The right side mounting holes are located inline with the hinge bolts which prevents the use of a socket wrench to install the lag bolts. The mounting holes could have been located any where else along the side to avoid this issue.


    It is OK. Stronger magnets would be beneficial as would a louder alarm! I was surprised that the WiFi connected even though the unit is in a metal box!

    Bigger is better!!!!!

    Excellent service,quality ect.! This is a beautiful piece of equipment. No issues whatsoever. I should have went a few sizes larger! That’s my fault! This organization and their products are top of the line/ first class!!!! I will be doing more business with them in the future! Thank you to everyone in the Dean Safe organization! Great job!!!!!!

    How should I know?

    I won't really know if this safe is any good until I either get burglarized or my house burns down. I'll let know when that happens. But I gave it 4 stars because it came with some damage that had to be repaired. The ad shows a picture of the electronic safe but the price is that of the dial safe. Probably should get the changed.

    Awesome Artifact

    Works well for its purpose, much needed accessory, will be recurring customer