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    CALL OUR SAFE EXPERTS AT 800-827-7534


    Based on 2144 reviews
    Great safe

    Love this 2 gun safe. Dean’s had a great price, free shipping, gave me regular updates, and it arrived very quickly. Would recommend Dean’s for safe purchases.

    Work great

    They do just what they do and hold pistols very well , helps clean up the selfs in your safe and make great use of the door for extra space.

    Cover up

    This truly lookes like furniture. Only
    Improvement there should be matching
    Separate side panels

    Goldenrod 12" Electric Dehumidifier Itital impressions

    I have been using the Golden Rod Dehumidifier for about two weeks now and it has dropped the humidity level in our safe by about ten percent. Assuming our meter is accurate. So far it seems to be functioning well.

    Stealth Biometric handgun safe

    The safe is great, and fits perfectly where I installed it. I shouldn’t have spent the extra money on the biometric scanner though, since it rarely recognizes my fingerprints. Live and learn!

    AMSEC Concealment Cloak Size: 6030 American Security Gun Safe Disguise

    Sturdy case

    I got my gun safe and I have to say it impressed me with its weight and design! I am excited to use it and would buy another one of their products in a heartbeat.

    Sack-Ups Pistol Socks

    First Time using Dean-Safe, I have to say more about the quality of the Service then the Product, I’ve bought Sack-Up socks for years so I know there the Best. Dean-Safe I gave you a Try as I was looking at Safes actually!. So great Service Thank You!

    Perfect for Me

    It's just what I expected. Needed something to secure my firearms. Easy to use, large enough to accommodate my 2 firearms and magazines. I like that I can use a combination or key and that I can either use a batter or plug it in to the wall outlet.

    Safe EHS4 Purchase

    Safe is as expected. Not quite as heavily constructed as I was hoping.

    2 out of 3

    I found the safe to be fairly well constructed. The key option worked well. Took a few attempts to set combination code.And the bio-metrics was hit and miss. I got locked out a couple times after 5 attempts. The main problem for me and maybe others is, your finger placement is critical once you manage to get a print remembered. Also, once set and if your finger/thumb might be dry or cracked for whatever reason it will not read it. After a couple tries, you would need to resort to the combination or key. I was able to screw it to the floor and use the included cable.

    Good door organizer

    Works very well and very adjustable.

    12” goldenrod dehumidifier

    Shipping was fast, the price was great. Just put it in my gun safe yesterday and it’s working just fine. Thank you.

    Good product, quick delivery

    I was happy to find this product at Dean Safe. This is a excellent door panel for a Liberty Safe. The quality is great. Has multiple pockets for a variety of purposes and that enhances usability of the safe. The product was delivered very quickly from the time of the order, though I never got an order confirmation email as that had me worried a bit. Overall excellent experience.

    Replaced bad one

    Ordered new replacement, works great.

    Great safe

    Love this safe very strong great build quality


    The description was perfect, the fit was perfect and the transaction was perfect!

    Triple safe

    Key/combo /biometric
    4 pistols great ......

    Nice safe bad feet

    The stealth safe is a great safe bit the steel shipping feet are difficult to get off 380lb safe solo … delivery person should have helped me remove them so I could bolt to floor

    I Purchased More!

    I was so impressed with the quality and cost this pouch that I purchased more of them.

    Exactly What I Wanted.

    I was looking for a velcro pistol holster for my safe. The holster works as advertised, no issue. After reading several reviews and knowing that I was holstering a large revolver and a full size semi-auto pistol, I added an extra 1" velcro strip that supports the holster. I'm very happy about my purchase because my firearms are secure and now I have room for another long gun.


    Love them easy to install real bright good item

    Stealth DS1614 Drop Safe Mini Depository Vault

    snap safe box

    Excellent product from an excellent company.From day one to my doorstep.

    This is just perfect.

    We had this safe delivered, and that was a super choice, arrived on time and in perfect condition. Safe is a great size, and changing the electronic code to get in was super easy.