V-line Compact 279-S Handgun safes for on the go!

Welcome back to another one of our ongoing series ""Exploring the Products of V-Line, an American Manufacturer of Fine Safes"". This time we will be looking at the this one the Vline 279-S Compact Handgun Safes. They offer you protection for your handgun while you are on the go. With the optional cable lock you can easily lock this handgun safe to a piece of furniture, or into the trunk or passenger compartment of your car. For a smaller top opening unit V-Lines Compact has many of the same features as the Top Draw; clamshell design, locking bolt locks into the body of the case, welded and staked hinge. It measures 9  x 7  x 2  (Outside Dimensions), 9 x 6  x 1 (Inside Dimensions) and has a shipping weight of 5 pounds. Felt lining pads the interior of the Compact. They are a California Dept. of Justice approved handgun safe for storing firearms. Come back again when we take a look at another of V-Line's tough attractive safes."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta