V-line 2597-S Desk mate Handgun Safes

"Are you ready for another installment of our series ""Exploring the products of V-Line, an American manufacturer of fine safes""? Today we are going to be looking at this unit, the 2597-S Desk mate handgun safes. The V-Line Deskmate is smaller than the Hide-away and will fit into a more compact area. The smaller sized Desk Mate offers additional installation possibilities, such as inside a cupboard or console compartment. A slide out tray is available as an option for the Desk Mate. Optional Universal Mounting Brackets are available to allow Desk Mate to be installed on top of a surface. Additional Quick Release Mounting Brackets may also be purchased. The Desk Mate measures 7 x 10  x 2 , (Outside Dimensions) 6  x 8 x 1  (Inside Dimensions) It weighs 8 pounds. It is California Dept. of Justice approved for holding handguns. Thanks for stopping by and reading our series on V-Line handgun boxes. We'll see you soon!"

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  • Alyssa Pasetta