New Sack-up 214 Jewelry Pouch in stock

We have a new item in stock the Sack-up 214 Jewelry Pouch. For years the Sack-up people have made gun socks which protect firearms from moisture and rust. This handy little jewelry pouch is made of the same material that their gun socks are made of. Put your watch or silver jewelry in this pouch and it will keep moisture away from your valuable pieces. It measures about 4.5 inches and has a draw string to close it and keep jewelry inside. It also has a cloth tag that is sewn into the seam to write on what watch or jewelry piece you have in for quick identification. You can visit us online to order your Sack-up 214 Jewelry Pouches. They are $7.99 each or you can buy 5 or more for about $6.00 a piece. While in the store look for other handy safe accessories to give you additional space in your safe. You can find a gun safe dehumidifier to keep humidity out of your safe, and plenty of pistol holsters, racks and other space saving devices as well."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta