Should Counties be Given Control Over their Own Gun Laws?

"Different people have different needs. A man in Texas might like to take his rifle with him when he goes outside in case he sees some wild game he'd like to eat for dinner. On the other hand if a man in New York City walked down the street with a rifle, it's likely he probably isn't looking for wild game. Then again, that is dependent on your definition of wild game. Regardless, it's a different situation and should be treated as so.If we could just get politicians to understand this simple concept, they might just take a step back on the gun control debate and reevaluate. What if instead of trying to create a universal national law or even state law we left it up to individual counties to make decisions as they see fit. This concept has become a reality as Oakland has been given local control over Gun Laws. A bill has passed through legislature that essentially gives the Oakland City Council a blank slate to enact gun laws and control measures that they see fit. Now Oakland has a bit of a different scenario in Texas as they have some of the highest levels of gun violence in the nation. So this bill isn't for them to make gun laws weaker but invariably the opposite into more restrictive than the state's current gun laws. Oakland has been experiencing steep budget cuts that have created disastrous effects. Without funding they have had to cut the number of cops on the street and this has increased the level of crime. Most politicians are arguing that it's a sensible bill that empowers Oakland to provide local control in addressing gun violence, however not all agree. Republican Assembly member Tim Donnelly argues that this bill actually has created unintended consequences for law-abiding citizens and that its, ""going to deny every citizen in Oakland the right to Self-Defense. He views this as a poll tax on your right to defend your own life. Regardless of the Politics involved, Gun laws should fit the communities it serves. There is no one answer that will fit across the nation or state for that matter, and they should adjust accordingly. Do you think gun laws should change by county or be universal?



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  • Alyssa Pasetta