New York Gun Manufacturers Considering Moving Locations Due to SAFE Act

"If you've been following the news at all, you may have heard of the new New York Safe Act, a tough new gun law that is putting the community and Gun Manufacturers on edge. Gun Control Laws continue to tighten in the Big Apple, and this is making it more and more difficult to purchase and own a gun.What the law really boils down to is a hard ban on all military style assault weapons, a ban on any weapon that has a magazine that can carry over 10 rounds, and authorized background checks on all purchasers of any gun. While this can be a bit of a nuance for gun owners, it's really affecting the dealers and manufacturers as they will have to take a hit in their business. What New York is failing to realize is that while they may be appeasing gun control enthusiasts they are really just shooting themselves in the foot as they are literally going to remove 11,661 jobs with total wages of $695 million. So by now you're probably wondering how these 11,661 jobs are going to disappear? Well it's quite simple really, gun manufacturers are now operating in a state where some of their product lines, such as pistol-grip carbines, are illegal, resulting in a loss of customers in a state that is home to a major hunting and target-shooting industry. As if that wasn't bad enough, some gun owners are going so far as to refusing to purchase any guns made in New York as a form of protest to the new law. Companies like Remington have seen as much as a 10% decrease in revenues as they can't sell their entire product line. So what now? Well unfortunately for New York, there are several other states that are largely pro-gun that are beginning to woo these gun manufacturers to move locations and add their dollars to their economy. Places like Texas, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky and South Dakota are offering economic development funds, tax breaks, and cheaper and more welcoming clients. But most important, they offer support and an animate desire to uphold our second amendment. While I understand New York's intent with the SAFE Act, they are forgetting how this will affect their local economy, gun manufacturers and their employees."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta