Thousand Oaks Officer Involved in Shooting

It all started with a simple hit and run in Westlake Village of Thousand Oaks. The suspect was reported around 9 p.m. and when deputies found the vehicle matching the description they attempted to pull him over. Instead of stopping the suspect fled through a Thousand Oaks shopping center and drove against traffic in westbound lanes of Thousand Oaks. As the suspect continued to flee, he struck a sheriff's patrol car traveling toward him. The suspect then reversed toward the original sheriff who pulled him over. The officer was standing outside his car at this time and when the suspect drove toward him he became in danger of being hit. The officer proceeded to fire his gun and shot the suspect several times. The suspect still tried to flee the area but was rammed in by another officer. A simple hit and run turned into a life and death situation in Thousand Oaks and we can only hope these types of incidents are prevented or contained in the future. Read the full article here

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  • Alyssa Pasetta