Gun Safe Stolen While Family is on Vacation


"Very similar to the recent gun safe theft in Texas, it happens once again but this time in New Jersey. While the owners of the home were relaxing on a nice vacation, their home had been invaded and taken advantage of. The thieves searched the entire house for jewelry and valuables and ended up just picking up the gun safe and taking it with them. It's estimated there were seven guns inside among other items. While this is another sad occurrence, there are a few things that could have easily prevented or alerted the burglary. First off, safes should always be bolted to the ground. This is extremely easy to do and would have made taking this safe way more difficult. This is especially important if you have any safe weighing less than 500 lbs. and is such a simple task. The second thing the homeowners should have done is purchase a SafElert. Liberty has come out SafElert alerts you when your gun safe is being tampered with with a great product that alerts you when your safe is being tampered with or opened. You can set it up to have it e-mail you, text you, and do a variety of other things that simply alerts you when someone is trying to bust into your gun safe. Theft is always a hard burden to bear, but hopefully the victims learn from this tragedy and take a few extra steps in protecting their home. Check out the full article here."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta