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    Dorm Safe, The Ultimate Protection From Dorm Room Theft

    "Sending your kids to college creates a flurry of emotions including anxiousness, excitement, fear, joy, worry, and several others. It gives them their chance to grow up, mature, and become respectable citizens (at least we hope). For most college freshman, living in a dorm with a roommate you've never met before is a standard experience and with someone you've never met before, trust is always an issue. While a dorm safe seems like a simple solution to this problem, there are more steps than just that. How do you know this stranger isn't using your stapler, eating your food, or casually borrowing your clothes. While all these scenarios seem petty and not a big deal, what if he/she decides to start snooping in your closet? What if they start sneaking through your sock drawer looking for your cash for the semester? Or what if they find your social security card, birth certificate, credit cards? All of a sudden this stranger of a roommate has access to your full identity and much more than that, your privacy and trust. Things can turn sour real quick, and while your roommate didn't come to college as a thief, when all your belongings are out in the open, opportunists are created out of opportunities. So how can you increase safety, prevent theft, and better be able to trust your roommates? Covering College Life: Campus Living offers a great blog post on 3 tips to prevent dorm room theft. 1. Lock Your Dorm Room Door: It's amazing how many students forget or choose not to lock their doors, even when there are laptops, and potentially thousands of dollars in valuables just sitting there. They wouldn't steal from someone else so why would someone steal from them? This immature thinking would be great if this is how the real world works, but unfortunately it's not. It doesn't matter if you are just running down to the dining halls, taking a quick shower, or going down a couple rooms to hang out with friends, if you don't lock your door you are inviting people in. People dress like students all the time and walk around the dorms just looking for the right room to break into. Don't be a target and protect what you need to succeed by locking your door. 2. Take Your Keys: This should be a no-brainer and goes hand in hand with just locking the door, but taking your keys ensures a few very important things. Think of this scenario, you trust your fellow dorm buddies way too much and leave your room unlocked with the keys inside on a regular basis. A thief, could be a student or an outsider, realizes this and pays a little visit to your room while you aren't there. Instead of stealing everything in sight, they just take one thing: your keys. Now you have two problems, first you have to get a new key, but more importantly a thief you don't know now has access to your room at any time he/she likes. Now they can come at a more convenient time, say when you go home for the weekend, or on a Friday night when everyone is out partying. Be careful, be safe, take your keys with you and lock your door. 3. Buy a Dorm Safe: This point was listed third but should really be number one. Locking you door and taking your keys with you will prevent a lot of problems, but sometimes it's not the outsiders you need to worry about, it's the insiders. Your roommates can potentially be the most dangerous as they have access to everything you have. An easy way you can protect yourself from those you trust or don't trust most is by utilizing a dorm safe. These are often small yet secure safes that can fit in your closet. Ideally you want something that can fit your laptop, money, jewelry and whatever other small valuables you plan on bringing with you to college. With mounting holes you can A Dorm Safe can provide the ultimate protection for laptops, money, and jewelry physically mount the safe so a thief can't just pick it up and take it with them, then break it open at a place more comfortable to them. Buying a safe is the best way to protect your things and will potentially save you from major losses in the long run of your child's college experience. So by locking your valuables up in a safe, locking your door, and taking your keys with you, you can easily and effectively prevent theft in your dorm room. If you're interested in a dorm safe you can check one out here and to read the full article on dorm room theft click here."