Gun Safe Alarm Doubles as Jewelry Safe Alarm

So there you are away on vacation and you have a gun safe at home. Someone breaks into your house and decides to break into your safe. You don't find out until you get home and see the mess. With the gun safe alarm by Liberty Safe and thanks to a handy little app from, you could be notified while on vacation so that you can bring it to someone's attention at home. Using the wifi from your internet connection, this handy little high tech box can be mounted on the inside safe wall with velcro or just set it on the shelf. Activate it with for about $5.00 a month (less if you sign up for 3 years), and the alarm will let you know if the safe door is opened, when there is a change in temperature (either up or down), what the humidity is. It alerts you when the battery is low, and will even alert you when there is any movement in the safe (even if it is only someone turning the combination dial or the electronic lock is pressed.

Not just a Gun Safe Alarm

  If you have an iPhone, the optional free app from will notify you if anyone attempts or breaks into your safe.

You can use this gun safe alarm in a drawer, in the refrigerator, or anywhere you need 24/7 protection for your valuables. It immediately alerts you through your wireless internet connection at home to your smartphone, tablet or email inbox. Even loss of internet connection or power cannot defeat this guy.

It requires two ""AA"" batteries that are included with the unit. If you want to know more about this brand new product we are carrying, you can see it here: on our website."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta
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