A Bit of James Bond at Your Fingertips!

Gunvault's SV500 is a new form-factor for a handgun safe.[/caption] The Gunvault SV500 is an unexpected design in an undercounter safe. Mounting easily with the included ""L""-shaped bracket, this unit can fit any number of places. It's not much larger than the handgun it protects, yet its steel construction makes it strong enough to protect against many attacks. The SV500 ""SpeedVault"" offers electronic control through four rubberized buttons at the top of the unit. When you set up the SV500, you pick a code that you want the safe to respond to. The buttons are laid out in a simple square pattern and are easy to identify by touch alone, making it unnecessary to look at the unit while opening it. This means, of course, that you can access your weapon while not appearing to reach for it, or even in complete darkness. Either way, this method of entry control offers a fair bit of stealth.  And it could be a good choice as a handgun safe for your car. Do check the regulations in your area; some jurisdictions greatly restrict how guns can be transported. (Please note that, while electronic, this unit does not offer biometric entry. If you are interested in a safe with this form factor that opens via fingerprint recognition, you want the SVB500.) The SV500 takes good care of your handgun. High density lintless foam cradles your pistol while in the unit, holding it securely in place.  The SV500 should fit handguns with barrels up to five inches long; if your weapon is bigger than that, please call first to check with us about whether your gun can be accomodated by the SV500. Dean Safe is proud to carry GunVault's SV500, which is yet another innovative form-factor from GunVault. There are certainly handgun safes made of heavier steel (such as the Fort Knox Pistol Box), but GunVault is trying to hit the ""sweet spot"" of decent protection. clever, compact design and solid value. We think GunVault hit the target dead-on with the SV500."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta