Safe Alarm Fights Crime in Los Angeles and Ventura Cty

"In todays world, we are more apt to have our home broken in to then we were back a few years. No matter how many locks you put on your home, if a burglar wants in he will find a way. Your kids may have friends that will use the opportunity to just borrow something if it is available to them. Not bad kids, but just the nature of the world today. Opportunity is the key. Put in a safe and thats great but if your kid has the combination, he may open the safe while you are away to show off the contents and his friend makes a note of the combination and either opens it when no one is looking or comes back in while every ones away and grabs something out of the safe for that extra cash.

Neighborhood crime statistics with out the safe alarm

It may be that your neighborhood is quiet and you havent heard about a break-in in years. Take a look at spot and enter in your zip code. See what crimes are being committed in your area. There are a lot of burglaries and thefts being committed out there today. Compare your zip code with 90210, that's Beverly Hills, movie stars - rich people. No matter where you are there is crime in your area. Mounting is easily achieved with the velcro that is provided or just set it on the shelf. One way to protect your valuables is with a good safe. But how do you know if someone is accessing your safe if you are away? Or if the humidity has dropped, or gone sky high? How about if they enter a room where you have a lot of valuables? One way of knowing if someone is trying to access your safe or any enclosed space is by putting a wireless gun safe alarm on the door. You can even put it on your refrigerator to be alerted if you husband who has to lose a few pounds takes that extra piece of pie! You can see the new gun safe or jewelry safe alarm we carry by clicking here."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta