What Protection do you Need in a Home Safe?

"Home safes vary in the type of protection they provide depending on the needs of the home owner and what each safe is designed to do. Some home safes are specifically designed for fire protection, these safes offer two thin sheets meta boxes one inside the other with insulation between the two. Just because a safe is fire protected though does not mean that it is safe against burglary, this is an important point that most people miss. A burglary safe has thicker metal but lacks the insulation and fire protection, meaning that it too is only meant to protect against one and not the other. There are safes that offer both fire and burglary protection and if you play to protect the items in your home this is your best bet. It will cost you a bit more, but why buy a safe that only protects against one or the other and not both? Dean Safe offers home safes that fit all three types of protection offering you the most choices and options for your home safe."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta