Wall Safes

"Wall Safes - More affordable than You might Think Wall safes are a great way to discreetly store your valuables where no one will know that there is even a safe let alone valuables inside of it. Truth is that sometimes having a safe can be a big sign to would be thieves that there is something valuable inside, encouraging them instead of discouraging them to break and enter your home. Wall safes can be hidden behind pictures and wall hangings so that nobody will ever know that the safe exists. Wall safes come in a variety of sizes but are an affordable way to hide your valuables, with prices as low as $49.99, you can have a wall safe in your home. Wall safes are generally small in size, made to fit between the studs in your wall they are large enough to store a pistol or jewelry and perhaps paperwork but if you want to store anything much bigger you will probably be better off with a regular safe. At Dean Safe we offer a large variety of wall safes and other types of safes to meet all of your needs."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta