V-Line Handgun Safes Offer Powerful Protection

"V-Line’s Handgun Safes provide an ideal hiding place for firearms as well as small valuables like jewelry, household cash, extra credit cards, and medicines. They are great for use at home, office, and in the RV. V-Line Cases are popular with law-enforcement agencies: The State of California, F.B.I., I.R.S., U.S. Postal Service, T.S.A., district attorneys, many city and county police and fire departments are just some of the agencies using V-Line products. Many agencies are concerned with liability issues for their officers who have firearms in their vehicles and who bring their duty firearms home. The mechanical lock featured by V-Line eliminates worries of dead batteries at inopportune times. The push button lock allows quick and easy access, without keys that can be lost or fall into the wrong hands. The combination is easy to program and can be quietly opened in low light by feel. A big safe in the garage may be ideal for a firearms collection, but the self-defense firearm in the master bedroom also needs protection while maintaining easy access. V-Line Cases and Cabinets can be easily installed to provide convenient access. V-Line Cases and Cabinets are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet individual needs. Mounting Brackets offer easy installation with portability; one Mounting Bracket may be installed at home, a second in the office or RV, providing protection at any storage location. Valuables and firearms need never be unsecured or exposed again. V-Line prides itself in exceptional quality of design and workmanship from the welded hinges, staked for added security, to the precisely sized and formed body and lid. The tightest tolerances possible have been used for optimum security. A handsome gold tone ink pinstripe and logo design accent the durable powder-coated finish. Customer service and support is available from our factory located in southern California. V-Line’s Top Draw, Compact, Desk Mate, Hide-Away, and Quick Vault models are “California-approved firearm safety devices” that meet the requirements of California Penal Code Section 12088 and the regulations issued thereunder."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta