Pistol Door Kit by Stealth Safe

The Stealth Safe pistol door kit gives you 5 pistol holsters and 2 three pocket mesh holders. Did you ever want more room in your safe? This pistol door kit by Stealth Safe gives you five fully adjustable holsters and two three pocket mesh pouches to organize your smaller items, handguns and pistols. The Velcro panel is 13.5"" wide by 43"" long and will fit on the inside of the door of most 60"" to 72"" safes.

Features of this Pistol Door Kit

It has both thin clips and thick clips which will fit any door that has a panel that is screwed to the outside of the frame of the door.  The base of the unit is the fabric side of the Velcro material and the accessories have the hook portion. You can re-arrange the items as you choose to avoid hitting shelves and uprights in your safe. It is a neutral grey and the pistol holsters are black and mesh pouches are dark grey. It is made in the U.S.A. and this pistol door kit will make your life easier. Click here for more information."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta
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