North Carolina Introduces Gun Safety Camps for Kids

"Surf City, North Carolina is establishing gun safety camps that will look to educate children about the proper ways to handle a gun. They also are informing these kids about the risks that are involved with guns by teaching them the specifics of them. The camp is set to begin July 28 and end on August 1 followed by one more gun safety camp starting on August 11 and and ending August 15. The gun safety camp will be hosted by the Surf City Parks and Recreations, with help through the cooperation of many local groups. The main partners involved are the local law enforcement, a local gun store and some members of the NRA. Surf City Parks and Recreations Director Kristie Grubb said "" We are excited to partner with local businesses such as Surf City Guns, to offer this first-time, unique camp an A Gun Safety camp counselor teaching kids about the specifics of guns.[/caption] They will be teaching these children in a classroom setting about the basics of pistols and rifles. Throughout the camp there will also be hands on demonstrations that the children will be a part of.  On the final day of the camp the children will be given the opportunity of going to a gun range to safely fire a Ruger pistol and use all of their new knowledge in a real life situation. Kristie Grubb also said Our hopes are to teach gun safety and responsibility to our area kids in hopes to prevent accidents with guns now and in the future. when she was discussing her aspirations for the gun safety camp. There is no better way to teach people about the risks of guns than by teaching them about it at a young age. We should all have high hopes for this gun safety camp because it is great to see people teaching these things to children. We'd also love to see this gun safety camp instituted all over the US if successful. It's always much easier to teach a child gun safety than to reprimand them after an accident has occurred. If you wish to hear more about Surf City's gun safety camps you can find the original article here.  "

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  • Alyssa Pasetta