Magnetic barrel rest by KSI becomes a third hand.

This is the magnetic barrel rest with the band in the open position[/caption] We have found the best third hand for when you are out shooting or hunting. The KSI magnetic barrel rest with a band that swings around to hold the gun in place can be a life saver. It will attach magnetically to the side of your safe, and your rifles rest securely in it while you use both your hands for taking other items out of your safe. When you go on the road, it is small enough to tuck into your pocket or stow it in your hunting gear.

KSI Magnetic barrel rest is useful and easy to use

  When closed the magnetic barrel rest holds rifles in the upright position[/caption] While this barrel rest is not meant to hold your gun while you are driving, when you get where you are going you can attach this little helper to the side of your truck to stand your rifle securely, while you set up camp or need your hands for other projects. The small barrel rest measures 4.25"" x 3"" x 1.5"" and weighs less then three ounces. The cost is less then $10.00 and it will last a long time. Made in the USA this magnetic barrel rest offers an economical way to help you hold your weapon. Once you use this handy device you will never know how you managed without it. For more information see our estore for details and ordering."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta