Free Guns For Texas Citizens, What about Gun Safes?

"Training and use of guns is now being provided to residents of specific neighborhoods in Texas. Residents of high crime neighborhoods are being provided with firearms to better protect themselves and their homes from crime and burglary. Interestingly enough, most cities and states have attempted gun buy back programs in an attempt to remove as many guns as possible off the streets, however the Texan non-profit company, Armed Citizen Project, is instead providing citizens with guns, not taking them away. While the program is limited in its workings to just Houston at the moment, it plans on expanding the initiative to over 15 cities branching out to states like Arizona and not just Texas. While giving a 12 gauge shotgun to a single mom may sound a bit intimidating, the non-profit is also providing adequate training on the use and care of these weapons. Even with proper training and care, the question still stands: Is putting more guns on the street a good idea, especially to single moms? In terms of protection, it's a great idea, however in a perfect world the crime itself would be eliminated and protection would not even be needed. Since we don't live in a perfect world, these guns should be fine as long as they're stored in a proper gun safe or home safe to prevent their misuse. These gun safes will increase the likelihood that children will not access the guns. Imagine a situation where no gun safe was purchased or provided and the mom simply keeps the gun underneath her bed. When a 12 year old boy realizes the gun is completely accessible and he is playing around with friends one day, the purpose of providing that gun is no longer seen, and suddenly the repercussions become enormous. All this can be prevented with a simple gun safe. Read the full article over at USA today here   Texas is providing free guns to single moms, but with no means of storing them

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  • Alyssa Pasetta