Drop Safe

"Protect your Business with a Drop Safe The more cash you hold onto the more likely you will be robbed and not just robbed one time but over and over again. A drop safe offers your business and employees protection by letting robbers know that robbing your business is a waste of time. A drop safe is a safe that cash can be deposited into but cannot be taken out of without a key. The key is usually held by a manager that is not on premises during the hours when most robberies typically occur. Many businesses take it even one step further and post signs that let people know that the employees have no access to the safe and that there is not enough money in the till to be worth taking a chance on. The drop safe offers the peace of mind of knowing that you will not lose a large amount of money and that most robbers will simply avoid your place of business. Dean Safe offers a number of different types of drop safes for your specific needs, please visit our site to browse our inventory."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta
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