Biometric Safe

"Biometric Safe- The Ease and Safety of a Biometric Safe can Not Be Beat One of the biggest complaints most people have about safes is that it takes too long to open them. A safe with a combination is fine until that one time when you have a fire and are trying to retrieve your valuables and it simply takes too long to put in the combination or you cannot see it because of the smoke. Similarly those who keep guns for safety worry that a combination will hinder them when they need fast access to their guns. A biometric safe changes all of that, not only does it make your safe more secure, but it allows fast access to your safe when you need it. A biometric safe relies on your fingerprints for entry, since finger prints are unique to each person; this means that no one but you can open your safe. If you need to give access to others some safes can hold up to 30 fingerprints to ensure that you can give your trusted family members access when needed. Dean Safe offers a wide range of different safes including the biometric safe, please visit our website for more information."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta