Biometric Fingerprint Scanners May Become a New Accessory for Your Gun

"As of right now, locking and protecting the trigger of a gun comes in a variety of fashions yet we are still seeing issues with safety. Most guns are simply stored in a gun safe while they aren't in use leaving them accessible only to those who either know the code or have a key. Once that safe door is open, for whatever reason, the guns are accessible and usable. Think of a scenario where you just went on a hunting trip and you leave some of your rifles in the garage to be cleaned and properly stored. Before you know it, your kid is in the garage looking at and playing with your guns. While they are supposed to always be stored in the gun safe, this scenario doesn't always happen and the only true way to stop a child from using your gun is to put some type of locking mechanism that only allows the owner to be able to use it. Well the answer is finally here and it has come in the form of a biometric fingerprint scanner. Just like you can own a safe with the biometric fingerprint scanner, the same technology can be put on your gun. The current prototype is an attachment that is mounted to the outside of your gun. How it works is you simply scan your finger on the reader and it would depress what's called a tape switch on the handle of the weapon. While the tape is depressed the weapon is free to fire, but when the user releases the weapon from their hand, the weapon deactivated until the finger is scanned again. This protects your gun from criminals stealing it as they would not be able to use it without the fingerprint and the same goes for a child who might accidentally fire the weapon. The scanner can be programmed to 20,000 people which would only be applicable to accommodate a police force or battalion of soldiers. This biometric technology is a game changer and a giant leap in promoting gun safety. Biometric technology may be put on guns It's currently an add-on to the side of the weapon, but the creators are hoping to install a new type of scanner that is installed inside the gun. Gun Safety is an issue that isn't going away any time soon, but we can only hope as technology gets better, safety accompanies it. Check out the full article here."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta
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