Cat Gets Locked in Gun Safe; Local Sheriff Saves the Day

"Imagine you are about to go out of town for the weekend on a special vacation. You open up your gun safe and start pulling out your guns, jewelry or cash depending on where you're headed and when finished, simply lock it up. You gather the rest of your things, pack the car, and you're on your way. You left your kids at home to watch the house, feed the cat, and play with friends. It's the next day and you get a phone call from your kids saying your cat is nowhere to be found. They continue to look all over the house and finally begin to hear the anguished cries of the cat coming from inside the safe. As far out as the story seems, this actually happened. In LimeStone County, Alabama, a family actually locked their cat inside their gun safe. Fortunately their cell phones were working as they gave the code to their kids who unfortunately were not able to open the safe and resorted to calling the local sheriff. After several tries he finally got the gun safe open and mentioned that he felt like a fireman after the rescue. Now imagine that the kids hadn't been there and there was no way of knowing that the cat had been locked inside. That cat would have starved over the weekend and potentially died without water. Fortunately there is an easy way to fix this problem, and it's called a SafElert. Liberty has come out with a great new product that alerts you when there is movement to the safe, when the heat sensor senses abnormal temperatures, and a moisture alarm that regulates humidity and moisture. Even if there was no one in the house this family still could have known if their cat had gotten locked up inside the safe, and so can you. Check out the SafElert here.

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  • Alyssa Pasetta
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