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    American Security AMSEC Floor Safes

    AMSEC American Security Logo
    American Security Products, AMSEC USA, has been the premier leader in Floor Safes for decades with multiple sizes, options, door configurations and security levels. Floor safes have been the standard for gas stations, restaurants, residences and anywhere that hidden security is the priority. With their concealed nature and encased in concrete on 5 out of 6 sides, floor safes are the best security option outside of TL Rated safes.

    AMSEC Floor Safes Super Brute Series:

    The AMSEC Super Brute Floor Safe series is the best square door floor safe option in the industry. All of the floor safes in this series feature a 3/4" thick steel door which is a 1/4" thicker than the closest competitor. The door jamb design is manufactured with built-in devices to provide the ultimate protection against sledge hammer attacks and the UL listed lock is protected by both a hardplate and a relocker. These AMSEC Super Brute Floor Safes have three to five 1" diameter steel locking bolts depending on the size and all of them are drive resistant with a long throw to provide the ultimate pry protection. The AMSEC Super Brute Floor Safes come in 6 sizes:

    1. AMSEC B2200 Floor Safe
    2. AMSEC B2900 Floor Safe
    3. AMSEC B3700 Floor Safe
    4. AMSEC B3800 Floor Safe
    5. AMSEC B5800 Floor Safe

    AMSEC Floor Safes Star Round Body C Series:

    The AMSEC C Series Round Door Floor Safes is the most difficult floor safe to break into ever made. They utilize a round door that is 1-3/4" thick and due to it's round nature, there is no where to stick a crowbar or tools to pry the safe. This means the only place to attack is the door and with the manipulation resistant UL Listed Mechanical Dial Lock and drive and drill resistant spindle, these floor safes have layers and layers of advanced security. The door also uses three bolts to lock all requiring over 25,000 pounds to shear. Each locking bolt also has it's own hardened steel positive re-locking device. These floor safes are literally a burglars worst nightmare. The AMSEC C Series Round Body Floor Safes come in 3 sizes with the CD7 having an internal door with a drop slot and two managers keys for use in a retail environment that uses non-refundable deposits:

    1. AMSEC C3 Floor Safe
    2. AMSEC C5 Floor Safe
    3. AMSEC C7 Floor Safe
    4. AMSEC CD7 Floor Safe

    AMSEC Floor Safes Star Door Rectangular Body Series:

    While the original concept behind the C Series Floor Safes was to make the most difficult safe to break into (and they did a fantastic job) the capacity of these safes is very limited and occasionally a little awkward due to the round body. This is where AMSEC decided to invent the round door rectangular body floor safes dramatically increasing the storage capacity of the round door concept. They have all of the same security features as the C series and since the entire top portion of the lid is still encased fully in concrete you don't lose any security but dramatically gain additional space. These AMSEC Round Door Rectangular Body Floor Safes come in 3 sizes:

    1. AMSEC B6 Floor Safe
    2. AMSEC B17 Floor Safe
    3. AMSEC B24 Floor Safe

    AMSEC Floor Safes Wide Body Brute:

    Some houses built in the USA don't have the depth necessary for floor safes like the B2900 and up but home owners still want the advantage of a floor safe and with the same capacity. This is where the AMSEC Wide Body Brute Floor Safes come in with their extremely wide door. Instead of going deep they go wide and cover more surface area of the floor. They have most of the same security features as the Super Brute, but only have a 1/2" steel plate door which most people would consider as more than enough for a floor safe. They use the same three 1" steel locking bolts with a heavy duty dead bar, a spring loaded relocking device, hardplate and 3/8" diameter steel hinge pins. When you don't have the depth for the floor safe you want, check out the AMSEC Brute Wide Body Floor Safe available in three sizes:

    1. AMSEC B1806 Floor Safe
    2. AMSEC B1810 Floor Safe
    3. AMSEC B1816 Floor Safe