Gun Storage Solutions Duelies handgun storage racks

Gun Storage Solutions Duelies come two to a package[/caption] In cleaning my handguns the other day, I realized that I had a few handguns laying on the workbench which got in the way of what I was doing. I kept dropping things  on the ones that I wasn't working on and they kept getting in the way. I was so frustrated that I stopped to think. We have a handy little item, the Gun Storage Solutions Duelies. Gun Storage Solutions Duelies are a neat little storage rack that will hold two 22 caliber or larger handguns. They are fully adjustable to your handguns. They will sit on your bench and hold your handguns while you are doing maintenance and keep them out of you way. Then I got to thinking, I have lots of handguns laying on the shelf in my safe, why can't I solve that problem by using them on the shelf to give me more space. Voila, that problem was solved. Just take them out of the package, no assembly required. The vinyl coated rack protects your guns and is balanced so it will not fall over. So if you need an extra hand or you just want to store those handguns this is the item for you. Two of them come in the package and I think they are a handy little item. A great value at the price!

Features of the Gun Storage Solutions Duelies

  • Holds two 22 caliber or larger guns
  • Overall measurement is 6""
  • Vinyl coated wire protects your weapons
  • Two to a package
  • Organizes your handguns in your safe or on your workbench

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  • Alyssa Pasetta
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