Eva-Dry E-SS50 Safe Sensor

The Eva-dry E-SS50 safe sensor comes with a remote and a base unit. We have been looking for a good hygrometer for our safe for a while now. We came across the Eva-Dry E-SS50 Safe Sensor not long ago and thought we would try it out. It turns out it is a good little two piece wireless hygrometer. In your safe an acceptable level of humidity is 60%RH, if your safe maintains that humidity or below you are safe (no pun intended!). If it reaches 65%RH it can lead to mold/mildew, corrosion and damage to your valuables. With this unit when the humidity reaches 65%RH the base unit will flash, letting you know that you will have to do something. It comes with two pieces, the remote sensor and the base unit. You take the remote sensor and place it in your safe shut the door and take the base unit and place it within 9 feet (3 meters) of the remote sensor. You can now see what the temperature and humidity is inside and outside of the safe. You don't have to open the door to see it, just look at the base unit. It also has a low battery indicator that will let you know when your batteries are getting weak. The Eva-Dry E-SS50 safe sensor is actually a high class hygrometer.

Features of the Eva-Dry E-SS50 Safe Sensor

  • Allows you to see humidity and temperature without opening the safe
  • Alerts you when conditions are not ideal
  • Low battery indicator
  • Dual LCD Display
  • The Eva-Dry E-SS50 Safe Sensor is User friendly
  • Easy to set up
  • Uses 2-AA batteries, 2-AAA batteries (these are not included)
  • Compact design

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  • Alyssa Pasetta
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