Stealth Gun Safes

High Quality Gun Safe with UL RSC Burglary Rating and 60 Minute Fire Rating

The Stealth Gun Safe Series is built to the highest quality standards with an all Steel 12 Gauge Door and Body and Ten 1.25" Solid Steel Locking Bolts. In addition to the top notch security, Stealth's UL Gun Safe Line comes with a 1 hour fire rating at 1200°. This ensures your valuables stay safe and cool inside with the interior temperature never passing 350 degrees F.

Stealth Gun Safe Feature Lock

High Security UL Approved Type 1 NL Electronic Lock

The NL lock is considered the most reliable lock in the industry. It's UL approved as a Type 1 High Security Electronic Lock. It also has a red light that makes entering your combination easy in the dark.

Stealth Gun Safe Feature Locking Bolts

4" Thick Door with 1.25" Locking Bolts

Stealth Gun Safes are built super tough with a 4" Thick Door that makes the safe extremely pry resistant. The Steel in the front of the door is folded over to make it 1.25" Thick. Good luck getting any sort of leverage on this safe!

Stealth Gun Safe Feature Outlet Kit

Electrical Outlet Kit lets you charge electronics inside the safe

The included Electrical Outlet Kit has 3 spots for plugs and 2 USB slots so you can run a dehumidifier and charge all of your Electronics while safely stored inside the safe.

Stealth Gun Safe Feature Molle Accessory Organizer

Fully Adjustable Molle Strap and Snap Accessory Organizer

The Molle Organizer makes adding and replacing accessories a breeze. Store your pistols, magazines, documents, passport and small objects in the included pockets and free up space in your safe.

Stealth Gun Safe Feature Handle

Beautiful Chrome 3-Spoke Handle

Easily open and close your safe with the beautiful Chrome 3-Spoke Handle.

Stealth Gun Safe Feature Shelves

Grey Fabric Interior with Gun Rack and Adjustable Shelves

Easily store more items in your safe with the included gun rack and three adjustable shelves. The all fabric interior will prevent damage or scratches to your prized possessions.

Stealth Gun Safe Feature Hinges and Door Opening

External Hinges allow for full 180 degree opening

The External Hinges allow for your safe to open a full 180 Degrees giving you full access to your safes interior.

Stealth Gun Safe Feature Bolt Down and Mounting

Four Bolt Down Holes and Mounting Hardware Included

Secure your safe with the included bolt down hardware and 4 bolt down holes. Then cover the holes up with the included plastic caps.

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