Fort Knox Defender Gun Safes & Vaults

Taking a Protector Vault and adding the durability of a thick Zolatone finish creates a practical vault designed for the rough shop type environment. Fort Knox Defender -- the best value for a conservative budget.

Fort Knox Defender Vaults have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories and have been granted a Residential Security Container (RSC) burglary rating. They have been independently tested and carry a certification for 90 minute fire protection at temperatures up to 1650 degrees F. The reinforced fire door is now standard on all models.

  • The 1/4-inch thick steel door and the many high-end security features on these safes — including the Sargent and Greenleaf Group II manipulation resistant lock, the clutch drive handle and the FOIL™ mechanical backup re-locking device — offer a tough barrier against burglary.
  • The uni-body construction of the Defender Series gives you a 1 1/2-inch total body thickness.
  • The interior is fully lined, including the back panel on the door, with a durable carpet which is velcro friendly. This allows you to apply velcro holsters directly to the walls and doors to hold your handguns.
  • On the Defender Series of these Fort Knox Vaults, the dead bolts (bolts that do not move) have been replaced with active bolts that actually retract into the door to allow it open. These active bolts are located on both sides and the top and the bottom of the door. There are up to thirteen 1 1/2-inch diameter locking bolts on each safe.



Defender 7261 72.5" 61" 27" 30" 69 cu. ft. 1,644 lbs. 13 - 1-1/2"
Defender 7251 72.5" 51" 27" 29" 57 cu. ft. 1,587 lbs. 13 - 1-1/2"
Defender 7241 72.5" 41" 27" 29" 45 cu. ft. 1,286 lbs. 13 - 1-1/2"
Defender 6637 66.5" 37" 27" 29" 36 cu. ft. 1,163 lbs. 11 - 1-1/2"
Defender 6031 60.5 31" 25" 27" 25 cu. ft. 857 lbs. 11 - 1-1/2"
Defender 6026 60.5 26" 20" 22" 16 cu. ft. 691 lbs. 11 - 1-1/2"
Defender 4026 40" 26" 20" 22" 10 cu. ft 504 lbs. 11 - 1-1/2"
  • UL listed
  • Certified, 1680°F in 90 minutes fire protection
  • 1-3/4" Reinforced fire door (3/8" steel plate, 2 layers of fireboard and 10 gauge steel reinforcement)
  • Quadrafold™ door frame with recessed door
  • " thick steel, Uni-body construction
  • Internal 10 gauge steel reinforced liner (3/8" total steel thickness, 1-3/4" overall body thickness)
  • Up to 28 1-1/2" diameter active locking bolts, strategically placed at sides, top, corners & bottom of door
  • Patented Star Corner Bolts
  • Triple remote relocker system
  • Drill Deflector Bolt Guard
  • Internal Power Supply
  • Standard with Armaknox steel lining
  • Two Tone Interior
  • Patented multi-gear drive, 5 to 1 reduction rack & pinion locking mechanism with up to 55 rack & pinion machined gears
  • EasyGlide™, concealed ball-bearing hinges
  • Drill stop hard plate with recessed multi-bearings
  • Light Package
  • Nickle plated Gears and Glass Door Panel
  • S & G Group I electronic lock
  • Gold, Chrome or Black Chrome plated five spoke clutch drive handle
  • Velcro compatible carpeted interior, including side walls
  • High luster, four stage, baked on acrylic urethane metallic finish
  • New internal power supply
  • Dehumidifier
  • Remote Relocker
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Bolt Detent

Home Safe Interior Options:

Fort Knox 40 in Home Safe Interior Layout
40-inch Configuration
Fort Knox Home Safe Drawer Configuration - Bottom
Bottom Mount Configuration
Fort Knox Home Safe Drawer Configuration - Center
Center Mount Configuration
Fort Knox Home Safe Drawer Configuration - Top
Top Mount Configuration

Vault Interior Options:

Universal Configuration
Universal Configuration
Universal with Guns Configuration
Universal with Guns Configuration
Quarter Gun Rack Configuration
1/4 Gun Rack Configuration
Half Gun Rack Configuration
1/2 Gun Rack Configuration
Half EZ Gun Cofiguration
1/2 EZ Gun Configuration
Three Quarter Guns Configuration
3/4 Guns Configuration
All Gun Rack Configuration
All Gun Rack Configuration
Collector Configuration
Collector Configuration
Cabinet Configuration
Cabinet Configuration

Color Options:

If you wish an estimate on curbside delivery, please call us at (800) 827-7534 or email us with the model number and your zip code. Please indicate whether the dropoff is a business or a residence and whether you have a fork lift or dock at the delivery location. Liftgate service is available.

If you live in the Southern California area, we can deliver to your home or garage. Call (800) 827-7534 for a delivery quote.

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