American Security AMSEC BF Home Safes

The BF home safe series from AMSEC is built like a tank, so your most precious valuables are protected.

Modeled after the infamous "BF" Gun Safe, the AMSEC BF Home Series is one of the best home safes out there. If you are looking of for the perfect combination of burglary and fire protection in a home safe, look no further than the AMSEC BF home series.

In terms of security, the BF Home safes earned the UL RSC burglary label due to it's 1/2" thick steel plate door, 3 large 1" diameter solid steel locking bolts, spring-loaded relocker, 1/4" heavy duty carburized hardplate and full length dead bar. The total door thickness comes out to 3-1/2" and the total body thickness comes out to just over 2-1/2", now that's a lot of thickness to drill through during a break in. The body starts with a 1/8" outer and inner steel shells filled with an internal composite material that provides fire resistance.

Tested by UL Laboratories, the BF Series is fire rated for up to 1 hour maintaining an interior temperature of less than 350°. AMSEC also adds a special door seal that expands when heated creating a smoke seal around the door.

American Security stands behind the BF home series by offering a lifetime fire replacement warranty and 1 year parts and labor.


2-5/8-inch thick, consisting of 1/8-inch outer and inner steel plates creating a burglary resistant structure enclosing a unique proprietary fire resistant material.

Three massive one-inch diameter solid steel chrome-plated locking bolts. A full-length dead bar locks deep into the body preventing door removal during a forced entry attempt. The BF series has multiple lock options with spring-loaded auxiliary relock device and a 1/4-inch heavy duty carburized hardplate. Heavy duty steel hinges provide easy smooth door operation. One recessed anchor bolt hole and mounting hardware are provided to securely anchor safe.

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