Tips and Reminders for Purchasing Home Safes

Home safes offer burglary and fire protection[/caption] Where do you keep your valuables, documents, and things like jewelry or cash?  You may not think of these things, but investing in a home safe can mean keeping important items just that  safe.  They're good to have to protect things from theft but also from natural disasters, fire, and so on The right one can even increase your home's value, if it's a permanent fixture in the wall or other area of the house. Choosing the right home safe may be difficult because there are so many choices available to you. There are very small strongboxes that will hold a few important items and very large wall models that are several square feet in diameter.  This means being able to protect things like silver, heirlooms, and even paintings or collectibles in those home safes. How do you choose the right model and size for you?  In some cases it may be obvious; you don't need a large home safe if you just want to keep important papers secure.  A smaller strongbox can be enough for some people. For others, keep in mind what you'll be storing and how much room you'll need, and how you can integrate the home safe into your residence.  For example, you may want something that goes into the wall and is behind a painting, like you see in the movies.  However, you can also choose models that are built into the floor, if you don't have a deep wall in your home to accommodate this type of model.  Floor safes may have a lift off door and may be very deep to accommodate larger items or a large number of items. It's good to understand the difference in design and materials for different home safes as well.  Those that protect against fire may not be the best protection against theft as they're often made of thinner materials that are meant to deflect heat away from the interior.  You may not worry too much about theft, if you have home alarms and other security systems in place, but a fire may be a greater risk.  It's up to you to decide why you're shopping for home safes and to decide that best type for you; just don't assume that they all perform the same function. It's also imperative that you think about the mobility of home safes and how easily they can be opened.  If you're looking to lock up weapons, you need a gun safe to ensure that children and curious teenagers cannot get to them.  However, if you live in an apartment or condo or know you may move often, you don't want something large and cumbersome and unnecessary.  Instead, choose something smaller and more portable that will still do the job for you.  (In fact, the new Sentry Home Defense Center is the perfect choice for apartments.) In any event, don't just shop the largest and most expensive home safes automatically as these may be too much for your needs."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta