Choosing a Jewelry Safe for Your Home

Do you have a jewelry safe in your home?  If you only have costume jewelry or simple items that aren't very valuable, you may not have ever thought about this and may not have use for it.  However, many people have more valuable items than they know and having a jewelry safe can mean protecting them from theft, fire, flood, natural disasters and other such circumstances, while still keeping them more accessible than if they're in a bank safety deposit box. Finding and choosing the right jewelry safe for your home means understanding your options and knowing how they're different from fire safes and other home safes you may choose.  It's also good to think seriously about the space you have in your home and what would work best for you, long-term.  As an example, if you think you may move sometime soon or eventually, you may not want a wall model jewelry safe that cannot be taken with you.  On the other hand, if you know you're settled in your home and want something permanent and as inconspicuous as possible, a wall model may be the perfect choice. Here are some quick but important reminders for using and choosing a jewelry safe for your home, and for understanding why they're so important no matter the items you have. How they're different. How is a jewelry safe different than a safe for other valuables or a fire safe?  One thing is that they typically have drawers and boxes inside to keep your items organized, the way you would see in a jewelry box.  This helps to protect your items, especially the smaller ones, from being misplaced inside the safe.  Imagine if the inside of a jewelry safe was just a big empty box; how would you find your necklaces and earrings and watches when they're all just tossed inside? There is a wide variety of models from which to choose when it comes to a jewelry safe and this means size as well as appearance.  Because you may need items from inside regularly, most will want to keep it out and convenient the way you do a jewelry box.  This is why you may see that jewelry safes are typically more attractive than others types and may look like regular cabinets.  You may also find models that slide into drawers or that are wall mounted; some are even so large you can walk into them. Making your choice. How many items will you keep in your jewelry safe?  This may include jewelry but also important papers, cash, and so on.  Think of the size you need and the room you have, as well as how often you'll need to access it.  This will determine the type you want and the size.  Take some time to shop around and compare, and remember that a good jewelry safe is always less expensive than trying to replace your precious heirlooms and expensive jewelry items."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta