Tips for Buying the Right Home Safe for You

"When you want to keep your valuables protected you may want to consider a home safe. This means protecting jewelry, artwork, documents, and even cash money safe from fire and theft while still keeping these items more accessible than if they were in a bank's safety deposit box. Your needs for a home safe, your home itself, and your budget will all affect the decision you make as to your chosen model and features.  There is a wide variety of sizes and features you can purchase, from a small strongbox to a large model that is installed in the wall, like you see in movies and television programs.  You can even choose a home safe that is installed in the floor if you don't have wall space or are looking for something that is more difficult for intruders to find. Because there is such a wide variety of items from which to choose, you need to think of your own needs before you start to shop for a home safe. Size and features. What you're going to keep in your home safe will help you to decide the features and the model you want.  For instance, if you're going to keep jewelry you want one with internal drawers and shelves to keep things organized. This may also be good if you're keeping lots of papers and documents or even cash.  However, these shelves can get in the way if you're keeping larger items such as artwork or other valuables.  Think of how much room you need inside your home safe and this will affect your decision. The features you want will also affect the type of home safe you choose.  Do you want something that is more fireproof or more safe against thieves? Usually ones that are fireproof are lighter and thinner since they are meant to deflect heat.  A thicker home safe that deflects break-ins will also keep out fires but only to a certain temperature.  Think of your risk factors and needs; you may have an extensive home alarm system and so you are more concerned with fire than anything else, or you may have sprinklers and other fire safety equipment in the home but are worried about theft. Models and choices. The models and choices you have for a home safe simply mean that you can find something that works for your everyday needs.  If you're putting away jewelry you want something you can access easily, so consider a floor model that is built to look like a piece of furniture, or a smaller one you can keep in a drawer.  For the most safety, a home safe that is put in a floor will mean less chance of someone finding it. The key is to shop around for a home safe and to not make your decisions hastily.  Think of your home and what you can accommodate as well as what you'll put into the safe and then make your decision."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta