Pennsylvanian Bill Aims to Promote Gun Safety by Eliminating Sales Tax

"Recently a bill was brought up in the Pennsylvanian state legislature that would eliminate the sales tax on the purchase of gun safes and gun locks. The bill was introduced by Representative Fred Keller, R-Union, who believes that this bill will encourage gun safety in the area by allowing people to purchase the safes and locks without having to pay the state's 6% sales tax. The bill passed the House Finance Committee and it will soon see itself being voted on by the whole Pennsylvanian House of Representatives.  Pennsylvanian law looks to get rid of sales tax on gun safes. However the bill is facing some resistance in the state's House of Representatives. One of the main contenders to this bill is Representative Phyllis Mundy, D-Luzerne, she believes that the money is not there for the state to be doing tax exemptions like this. The main factor in her no vote is the budget troubles the state is currently facing. The state is currently facing a $1 billion shortfall in revenue entering the next fiscal year. However Representative Mundy acknowledged the potential of the bill to improve gun safety when she said, "In the best of all possible worlds, if you have money to spend to meet our obligations, I might be a yes. But today I'm going to be a no."" Representative Keller's response to the budget shortfall is"I look at it as an investment in safety and what price tag do you want to put on safety?"" No matter the outcome of this bill, we all must do what we can to promote gun safety and make sure they are educated about the risks of guns. The more people that know about guns the safer they can be. In the end all that we can do is work toward an environment that prides itself in promoting gun safety. If you want to learn more about the bill or the status of it's progress you can check out the full article here."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta
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