Jewelry Safe in Missouri holds a tear gas canister

It seems that a jewelry safe that a locksmith was changing the combination on in Monett, Missouri held a surprise for the locksmith. It was booby trapped with a tear gas canister that was installed to go off in case someone tried to drill the safe open. In the early 1900's these canisters were added to safes to help deter break-in. The Amsec TL-30x6 Jewelry safe is for home or commercial use. When someone drilled into the safe and hit the canister and broke it, it released tear gas which caused a burning sensation, watery eyes, difficulty breathing, and chest pain. It is much more potent then today's tear gas is.

Jewelry safe is dis-armed by Fire Department

The Springfield fire department came out and took the device to the dump where they detonated the CS gas and it was vaporized. It caused no problems and was harmless the way they released it. If you have an antique safe, and it has an added to the back of the door, call an expert to have them remove it. You can read the whole story at the website."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta