A New Utah Bill Looks To Encourage Gun Safety By Offering Free Gun Locks

"An interesting new bill has been starting to be talked about by members of Utah's House of Representatives and Senate. This new bill is HB134 and it aims to promote gun safety and help prevent suicides. This bill will offer citizens free gun locks and will also be handing out rebate vouchers from $10 to $200 for people who are buying gun safes. This bill has been brought to Utah's congress by Representative Steve Eliason, R- Sandy, who says that ""while lawmakers cannot alter many factors affecting suicide, they can work on gun safety."" He hopes that giving out these gun locks will encourage people to keep their guns locked up and in turn this will help to lower the amount of suicides. Rep. Eliason mentioned that the state will be partnering with the Utah Shooting Sports Council and they will provide the citizens with their free gun locks. Not only will this law deal with providing these gun locks to citizens but it will also reach out to various gun safety groups. This bill will have groups that provide information about suicide prevention, gun safety and health A care to hand out gun safety pamphlets and gun locks. Opponents to this bill worry that it will allow the government to know all of the citizens who own guns in the sate of Utah. The opponents do not want the state to have a register of all the gun owners throughout the state. The Representative's response to this argument was that , ""We are not in any way trying to restrict anyone's gun ownership. The bill is trying simply to promote responsible storage."" No matter what way this bill goes in Utah's congress it is important we do whatever we can to help teach everyone how to properly store and operate guns. If we continue to educate about gun safety than we can help to make the United States a much safer place. If you wish to learn more about this bill or how it goes in Utah's Legislature you can check out the full article here.    "

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  • Alyssa Pasetta